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The English part of the site is very short and consists of these four pages only, as we are working only for the Russian market. That's why the Russian pages are much more detailed. You can send us a message  and ask your questions or contact our partners (from list below or from our bookmarks) for their recommendations and for the details about the equipment they produce.

Наркозно-дыхательная аппаратураМедицинские креслаОборудование лабораторий ЭКОAir-LiquideTeknoМедицинские манекены-тренажерыНеонатальное оборудованиеАвтоматические наружные дефибрилляторыБиопсия, пункции, дренированиеАппарат для РЧА RITAШприцевые помпыУстройства неотложной медпомощиМочеточниковые стенты и дренажные катетерыВыберите интересующее Вас медицинское оборудование

Dear Madam/Sirs!
Reepl Ltd. is a Russian medical trading company. The main objectives of the company are selling and technical maintenance of hi-tech medical equipment on Russian market as well as training and education for customers.

Our Company: 

We are always ready to discuss the co-operation on the Russian market with a new partner.

Respectfully yours,

Irina Makarova,
General Director of Reepl Ltd.

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