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 Мать и Дитя - 2018
26 сентября 2018 года
В выставочном центре Крокус (МО, Красногорск) 26-28 сентября прошел Всероссийский научно-образовательный форум "Мать и Дитя - 2018" и VI Cъезд акушеров-гинекологов России. Компания РИПЛ приняла участие в выставке с продукцией фирм FANEM и LAERDAL

 Краснодарский бизнесмен вложил 1,5 млрд рублей в клинику с нано-ножом
19 сентября 2018 года
Основатель и совладелец краснодарского многопрофильного холдинга «ПКФ «Самсон» Владимир Апухтин инвестировал в клинику WMT, оснащенную системой NanoKnife для лечения онкологических заболеваний

 Cимуляционный центр для неонатологов в Армении
20 августа 2018 года
20-24 августа прошло обучение работе на симуляторах Laеrdal для инструкторов центра в Ереване

 Технология фокальный нанонож при лечении рака предстательной железы
06 августа 2018 года
Подробное описание техники применения необратимой электропорации NanoKnife IRE для лечения рака простаты в клинике урологи Сеченовского Университета

 XVII съезд Федерации анестезиологов и реаниматологов, Санкт-Петербург
28 сентября 2018 года
С 28 по 30 сентября 2018 г в Санкт-Петербурге состоялся XVII съезд Общероссийской Общественной Организации «Федерация анестезиологов и реаниматологов». Компания РИПЛ приняла участие в выставке с продукцией фирм Air-Liquide (аппараты ИВЛ), Aitecs (шприцевые помпы) и Fanem (инкубаторы для новорожденных)

 Праздник Первой Помощи в Сокольниках
21 июля 2018 года
В субботу, 21 июля, Компания АРИБРИС провела традиционный ежегодный Праздник Первой Помощи в парке «Сокольники»



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Company profile

REEPL is a Russian  medical import trading company established in 1997 by professionals, experienced both in medicine and medical business. We have long lasting partnership with numerous leading European and American manufacturers with exclusive rights for the most of them.

Our history
When established in the beginning of 1997 REEPL employed five physicians and two economists who had their own view on the needs of Russian medicine and on the market of medical equipment. Since that time REEPL developed into well structured and highly specialized trading company and keeps tangible share of Russian market of hi-tech medical equipment. Now there are more than 60 employees including 14 physicians developing four major activities:
   • emergency and rescue services and training rooms,
   • neonatal and intensive care departments,
   • radiology, functional diagnostics and mini-invasive surgery,
   • IVF Laboratories,
   • turn-key operation rooms.

Thanks to our fair name we have multiple requests from our customers to deliver various kind of medical equipment. REEPL is always opened for cooperation with new manufacturers and have experience in turn-key projects also.

Besides the mentioned above activities REEPL has well developed service department able to perform all the installation, service and maintenance jobs for all kinds of equipment presented by our company on Russian market.

Our mission
REEPL intends to develop into the leading company on Russian market of medical equipment and technologies. Our objective is to become not only a respected trader, but also a guide for new challenging methods of diagnostics, treatment and medical education.

Our structure
Sales division of REEPL consists of six departments representing the following manufacturers:

  • Cardiology, emergency, rescue services and training rooms:
    •  Laerdal Medical AS (Norway) Training and therapeutic lifesaving products (exclusive rights);
    •  Cardiac Science Inc. (USA) Equipment for the ICU, emergency, cardiology and ambulance (exclusive rights);
  • Neonatal and intensive care departments:
    •  FANEM (Brazil) - Neonatal and laboratory equipment (exclusive rights);
    •  AITECS (USA - Lithuania) - Syringe pumps (exclusive rights on 3 models);
  • Respiratory and narscosis equipment:
    •  DAMECA A/S (Denmark) - Narcosis equipment and accessories;
    •  Air-Liquide MS (France) - ICU ventilators and accessories (exclusive rights on ICU ventilators)
  • Radiology, functional diagnostics and mini-invasive surgery:
    •  ATYS Medical (France) - Doppler systems (exclusive rights);
    •  KIVEX Biotec / K-SYSTEMS (Denmark) - IVF-labs equipment;
  •  Turn-key operation rooms:
    • OLSEN (Brazil) - All types of operation chairs;
    LED SpA (Italy) - Electro-surgery products;
    • TEKNO-MEDICAL Optik Chirurgie GmbH & Co KG (Germany) - Endosurgical equipment and instruments (exclusive rights);
    CHEIRÓN a.s. (Czech) - Surgical aspirators (exclusive rights);
  • Disposables and devices for biopsy and mini-invasive surgery:
    •  ARGON Medical (Angiotech) - Biopsy devices and catheters for surgery, urology and radiology;
    •  Bioteque Corporation (China, Taiwan) - Stents and catheters for surgery and  urology;
    •  AngioDinamics Inc. (USA) - Tumor ablation therapy devices.

Service and maintenance is performed by 5 engineers with higher technical education and certified by manufacturers. Our field team, consisting of 3 skilled technicians, is ready to perform any kind of installation, maintenance and warranty service for all the equipment delivered by REEPL. We perform our technical support throughout Russia – from Yamal Peninsula on the North to Dagestan Republic on South and from Kaliningrad region on the West to Kamchatka on the East. All the technical staff has regular refreshing training on the annual basis.

Financial department headed by our financial director staffing three certified accountants performs accounting as well as financial analysis and feasibility studies for complicated projects. We focus attention on economical trends and follow up all the aspects influencing medical business in Russia.

Logistics and ERP – three professionally qualified storekeepers and 5 transport logistics are running our warehouse and deliveries assisted by automated ERP system linked with our internet-shop database (many minor items of total value exceeding USD 100’000 are available on the web online).

Marketing and advertising department – three professionals analyze medical market of Russia and CIS working out recommendations and strategy for our products promotion. REEPL is participating in all the major medical events taking place in Russia and assist or take part in the most of congresses and exhibitions. A lot of equipment from all our manufacturers (of more than USD 700’000 worth) belongs to REEPL and is used for exhibitions and actual demonstrations in hospitals. We are placing publications and advertisements in all the leading medical journals of Russia.

Our projects are numerous and various - Reepl has a wide experience in medical equipment supplies of medical enterprises of different level. Our reeference list includes Medical Center of President Administration; Clinics of Moscow Department of Central Bank of Russia; Hospital of Russian Academy of Sciences; Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology (Moscow);  Hospitals of "Tjumentransgas" (West Siberia) and many others.

Since 1998 REEPL have won numerous tenders of Health Ministry of RF for medical equipment supplies. This eqquipment successfully function in more than 20 regions of Russia. Our copmpany have won many regional competitions in the context of federal healthcare schemes in pediatrics, obstetrics and gerontology spheres. Besides that, Reepl is one of companies, which was committed to take part in Priority National Project «The Health» - Reepl had won the open tenders in 2006 for supply of numerous patient care institutions with more than 5000 units of medical devices throughout Russia. 

We have long lasting cooperation with Ingosstrakh - the leader of Russian insurance market.

We are active in St.Petersburg,  Voronezh, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Orenburg, Barnaul, Magadan, Khabarovsk, Vladikavkas, Cherkessk and other regions  throughout Russia – from Yamal Peninsula on the North to Dagestan Republic on South and from Kaliningrad region on the West to Sakhalin on the East. 

We are establishing REEPL Dealers’ Network, having partners in the most of the mentioned cities and regions of RF. Three contracts for overall representation of our interests (including maintenance and service for all the equipment) had been signed in Siberia and at least two more are pending.

Financial results demonstrate quite positive trend – starting with less than USD 900’000 in 1997 our annual turnover have reached USD 20 mio in 2003.

REEPL – we speak the same language with our customers!
Reepl Ltd
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