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 Мать и Дитя - 2018
26 сентября 2018 года
В выставочном центре Крокус (МО, Красногорск) 26-28 сентября прошел Всероссийский научно-образовательный форум "Мать и Дитя - 2018" и VI Cъезд акушеров-гинекологов России. Компания РИПЛ приняла участие в выставке с продукцией фирм FANEM и LAERDAL

 Краснодарский бизнесмен вложил 1,5 млрд рублей в клинику с нано-ножом
19 сентября 2018 года
Основатель и совладелец краснодарского многопрофильного холдинга «ПКФ «Самсон» Владимир Апухтин инвестировал в клинику WMT, оснащенную системой NanoKnife для лечения онкологических заболеваний

 Cимуляционный центр для неонатологов в Армении
20 августа 2018 года
20-24 августа прошло обучение работе на симуляторах Laеrdal для инструкторов центра в Ереване

 Технология фокальный нанонож при лечении рака предстательной железы
06 августа 2018 года
Подробное описание техники применения необратимой электропорации NanoKnife IRE для лечения рака простаты в клинике урологи Сеченовского Университета

 XVII съезд Федерации анестезиологов и реаниматологов, Санкт-Петербург
28 сентября 2018 года
С 28 по 30 сентября 2018 г в Санкт-Петербурге состоялся XVII съезд Общероссийской Общественной Организации «Федерация анестезиологов и реаниматологов». Компания РИПЛ приняла участие в выставке с продукцией фирм Air-Liquide (аппараты ИВЛ), Aitecs (шприцевые помпы) и Fanem (инкубаторы для новорожденных)

 Праздник Первой Помощи в Сокольниках
21 июля 2018 года
В субботу, 21 июля, Компания АРИБРИС провела традиционный ежегодный Праздник Первой Помощи в парке «Сокольники»



Main / Reepl's Chronology, News & Events

News & Events

 Hernioplastics is new Reepl's challenge. (30.01.2009)
The new sector of medical market is going to be conquered by Reepl due to the contract with Surgical-IOC(France)/ This company is an producer of reinforcement implants for parietal surgery and rings for obesity surgery, recognized by surgeons all over the world.

 Zdravookhranenie 2008 (9.12.2008)
Reepl participated in yearly Moscow International Healthcare exhibition with the stand of more than 140 meters square.
Held under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Moscow Government, ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE’2008 was supported by the Russian Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Arranged thematically, the 2008 edition display of over 45 000 sqm featured medical instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, advanced medical technologies, medical consumables, laboratory medicine, medical furniture, emergency medicine, first aid, engineering, construction and equipping of health care facilities, disinfection, sterilization and sanitation equipment, rehabilitation, advanced information technologies in medicine, healthy life-style, and dentistry.

 New Reepl's regional distributor (7.11.2008)
«OOO Neomedica» (Barnaul city) have obtained the rights to represent in Altay region the products of foreign companies, which Reepl Ltd represent on Russian market.

 Reepl partners' conference (26.06.2008)
June, 26-27, 2008. Taining for regional distributors was organized by Reepl Ltd in Moscow. The representatives of 12 partner companies from 9 Russian cities have taken part in this event.

 Another tender won (15.02.2008)
Reepl Ltd have won the tender for supply with labarotory microscopes for Russian federal institutes and reference-laborotories in consider with project «AIDS and TBC Profilactics, diagnostics and Treatment». The concours was organized by International Bank of Reconstuction and Development and by «Russian Healthcare» foundation.

 Dealer contract with «Bioteque Corp.» (6.12.2007)
After negotiations and partial documents issue during MEDICA (Dusseldorf), Reepl Ltd become an exclusive dealer of Bioteque Corporation (Taiwan) after signing distributor's contract during Medical Exhibition in Moscow. BIOTEQUE CORPORATION is a leading medical device manufacturer in TAIWAN and is publicly listed in Taipei's Stock Exchange Market. BIOTEQUE currently has two state-of-art plants both equipped with advanced production facilities and awarded with full certificates like GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE0434.

 ZDRAVOOKHRANENIE 2007 exhibition (5.12.2007)
Reepl had taken part in yearly Moscow International Healthcare exhibition.
ZDRAVOOKHRANENIE is the flagship of Russian medical exhibitions. The representatives from our partners has perticipated in this exhibition and it helped to solve all problems with Reepl's employees and our esteemated customers in "real-time mode".

 Another contract in context of Priority National Project «The Health» (23.05.2007)
Reepl had won another open tender in March 2007 for supply of numerous patient care institutions throughout Russia with 773 units of ECG devices in context of Priority National Project «The Health».
The deliveries against the state contract will start in July'07

 RITA Workshops worldwide (29.03.2007)
Several interesting events concerning the use of Rita and Habib have happened the last weeks

 Reepl's 10-year annivesary (24.03.2007)
The jubilee Reepl's conference was held 23 March 2007. The joyful celebration took place in Kolomenskoye park next day.

 Surgical suction units by CHEIRÓN a.s. (15.03.2007)
Reepl proudly present their new partner from Czech Republic: CHEIRÓN a.s. - the distributor of several market leaders in the field of anaesthesia and intensive care equipment and manufacturer of anaesthesia systems, suction sets, aerosol and oxygen therapy device, oxygen humidifiers etc.
Reepl is going to distribute in Russia the electrical suction unit Victoria, first of all.

 Reepl added the endosurgery equipment to the product line. (11.12.2006)
The exclusive contract was signed with Tekno-Medical Optic-Chirurgie GmbH (Tutlingen, Germany) and all necessary certificates were obtained earlier this year.

 Exclusive contract with B-K Medical A/S (6.12.2006)
Finally the exclusive contract between Reepl Ltd (Russia) and B-K Medical A/S (Denmark, the subsidery of Analogic Corp) was signed during Zdravookhranenie'06 exhibition. The companies were making successfull business together within last 9 years, but only now Reepl obtained exclusive rights.

 ZDRAVOOKHRANENIE'06 (3.12.2006)
Reepl participated in yearly Moscow International Healthcare exhibition with one of the biggest stand in the hall.
ZDRAVOOKHRANENIE is the flagship of Russian medical exhibitions and more than 800 companies and organisations from 33 countries took part in it this time.

 Oncology conference in Chelyabinsk (16.11.2006)
The conference «The modern methods of diagnostics and therapy in hepatic cancer» and master-class «US-controlled Mini-invasive technologies in surgery and oncology» was held in Chelyabinsk Regional Oncology Clinic 16-17 November 2006 by Reepl Ltd (Moscow) and "Medservis-region" (Chelyabinsk).

Professor Yuri Patyutko from Moscow RAMS Oncology Center took part in the conference and performed several surgical procedures which were realtime translated to the conference-hall.

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